Sonography abdomen/thyroid

An ultrasound exam is generally without any risk and not at all stressful for the patient.

In our practice, we conduct upper abdomen sonographies (kidneys, liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, pancreas, large vessels (aorta) and spleen) as well as sonographies of the thyroid gland, the urinary bladder and the female lower abdomen, the prostate gland and of the heart (echocardiography).

Indistinctive results in the abdomen such as swelling, knotty alterations of the skin or lymph node swelling can also be clarified by means of a sonography.

Things you should know before the examination:

The patient should come to the ultrasound exam of the abdominal organs on an empty stomach. After the exam, the patient can immediately eat and drink again. In the case of indistinctive disorders of the lower abdomen or bladder, the bladder should be filled (do not go to the bathroom beforehand) for an additional evaluation of the lower abdomen or the urinary bladder.

The patient does not have to come on an empty stomach for a sonography of the thyroid gland, the kidneys or the heart. Before the examination of the heart, an ECG is conducted.